Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Elliot Says

I want to compile some of the things Elliot is saying these days so I can remember them and because some of them are pretty funny :)

When Brent or myself sneezes
Elliot-"Bwess You"

A man on the sidewalk sneezed
Elliot " Bwess you Man"

Brent's phone vibrates on the table
Elliot "Bwess you Phone"

Can you tell he likes saying bless you?

Mindy " Elliot, time to stand up"
Elliot "opstaan mama" (opstaan is stand up in Dutch)

At Elliot's 18 month well child check
Elliot walks over to the Doctor with a toy that had something on it and says,"Ish, Rinse"

Whenever he has a poopy diaper
Elliot "peyew, diaper!"

Whenever he drops anything
" oh nee" (nee is no in Dutch)

We live right across from the recycling drop off. The truck comes twice a week and Elliot loves watching it
Elliot "Cycle truck mama"

Anytime he see garbage
"Bage, ick mama"

As you can see he keeps us pretty entertained! It is do much fun listening to him put words and phrases together. It's so awesome how many words he understands in both Dutch and English.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Favorites 3-6

I can't believe we are already a week into March! Since Brent and my birthday are in March it is always a fun month.  It has been a nice week with lots of play dates and park time. Here are a few snaps from the week.

1. On Monday Elliot came over to me and said, "snuggle mama" so I picked him up and within 5 seconds he was asleep on my shoulder. I miss my sweet little baby napping on me!

2. We had a couple of rainy days this week which meant puddling jumping. Elliot loves jumping in the "wawa" as he calls it. 

3. I watched my friend Daina's little girl all day on Thursday and it went much better than I anticipated. The played so well together the entire day. At one point when we were at the park and Bente needed me, Elliot came up and said," No, Elliot mama, Bente." So even though he loves Bente he still got a bit jealous when mama gave her attention ;) 

Neither of them wanted to put their pants back on after nap time.

4. Doesn't everyone ride an airplane in their diaper wearing a bow tie?
Blurry picture 
Have a good weekend!