Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Weekend Fun

Happy Monday I mean Tuesday! We did quite a bit this weekend but it still felt like a relaxing weekend. Isn't that the best? We had been planning on driving up to Northern Holland on Saturday but the weather was terrible and there would not have been much to do indoors. Since we were all ready to go early in the day, we headed into the center so we were there right when everything opened. We did some Christmas shopping, ate lunch and then made our way over to the train museum. Elliot and I have been multiple times but Brent was a first timer.
Playing with the gears

Hi Mama!

My little conductor

Playing outside 

On Sunday it was Sinterklaas parade time. I've written about our previous parades here and here. The weather was really rainy and gross but with this being our last holiday season living here we were determined to go. We went with a few other expats and their kids. Elliot didn't quite know what to think about it all. Or maybe he was just tired because it was nap time :) 

Zwarte Piete

Trying to stay dry and warm

Elliot waving at Sinterklaas

Lots of people braving the rain

Friday, November 7, 2014

Favorties 11-7

We had a nice but quiet week this week. The weather has definitely taken a turn and it is getting cold. Elliot still loves to be outside running around, so mama needs to start dressing a little warmer! Here are a few favorites from the week.

1. As I have said before, Elliot love construction equipment. One day at the park this week they were doing some work and the kid was ecstatic! We sat and watched them work for a good 15 minutes straight before it was time to go home. Elliot talked and pointed the entire time. Watching the wonder in his eyes is truly awesome.

2. I started my new yoga class this week and it is great! The instructor is a friend of mine(whose little boy is only 3 days older than E) and she does a great job. It feels great to be getting back into yoga and it can only help with my running. Oh, and I signed up for another half marathon this week so I am back in training until January! 

3. So technically this picture is from last week but it is great. Elliot was so exhausted after the previous weekend he fell asleep during lunch. Notice the spoon still in his hand :) 

4. We have a weekly meet up with my friend Daina and her little girl Bente. As you can see she and Elliot have become little buddies. They did this 100% on their own while we were stopped. Such sweethearts! 

5. We have been in travel planning mode the past week. We have some really fun trips coming up in the next 6 months. We are headed to London for Thanksgiving and to see some friends. The Christmas markets will be open so it will put us in the Christmas spirit for our trip back to the US!

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Vienna part 2

Our last day in Vienna was on and off rain which meant a lot of sight seeing was out of the question. E and I did some exploring in the area around our hotel before meeting up with everyone else for lunch. After hanging out at their apartment we all went out for a late dinner with some of Noelle and Brady's other friends.

Elliot and Max earning their keep cleaning the apartment :) 

Elliot and I explored the vineyards near our hotel

Overlooking Vienna

Cheers to Milk and Beer at lunch

E was loving the music at dinner

All the kiddos dancing at dinner
Good bye until next time!
We had such a nice trip and Elliot was a great little travel buddy. I think I see some future mama and Elliot trips!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Enjoying the Calm

This weekend we had absolutely nothing planned and we were so excited about it. The weather was gorgeous and we spent a lot of time enjoying what was probably the last weekend in the 60's for awhile. We managed to get a few pics for me to share.

On Friday for Halloween Elliot and I went over to a friends house for a small Halloween party. The kids played outside in costumes and had a great time eating all sorts of orange goodies!
The only picture I got from our party!

Since Halloween is not a big deal here Elliot just wore his skeleton Pjs :)

We spent all of Saturday outside and only came in for E to nap. We were loving the fact the it was November 1st and we were eating lunch outside. 

Feeding cheerios to the ducks

They loved feeding the birds-I kept a very reasonable distance

Sunday E and I started the day with a run while Brent played soccer. We all relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the day. It was really nice to have a calm no plans weekend. I think all 3 of us needed it! 

Enjoy your week!