Monday, February 25, 2013

Half Way There!!

We are at the half way mark!!! 20 more weeks and we will get to meet our little one!

I think I have officially popped!! 

Baby is a little over 20 weeks and is the length of a banana. 
At our 20 week appt baby's approximate weight was 350 grams(almost 12 ounces).  I am feeling little kicks from baby everyday and can't wait until they are strong enough for Brent to feel them too.

 Some of our favorites from our 20 week Ultrasound
Moving its mouth, baby kept both hands pretty close to the mouth through the whole ultrasound

Brent says Baby has some great legs for soccer- no pressure or anything :) 

Here is some comparison from my 19 week picture

Have a good week!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Canary Islands part 2

On Sunday morning of our vacation we did a hike with our resort through a nature reserve that is across from the property.

I got in the way of many of Brent's pictures-there are probably 10 more pictures of my back etc as I stepped into his shot :)

On the raft that our tour guides pulled across the water 

This is how we got to the other side

The had different demos set up throughout the reserve telling the history of the island

Inside the reserve

Another reenactment

Our flight wasn't until late on Monday so we got to enjoy the day walking along the coast taking in more of the island 

At the top of a hill

Such pretty landscape 

All of the beaches were black sand and rocks(the whole island is formed from lava)

One of our many rest breaks

Another peninsula on the island
 Along the trail there were quite a few rocks like this stacked on top of each other

Map of the island on one of the buildings.  We stayed on the southern end

My last slushie on the island

It was an amazing trip! Thank you Brent for the wonderful surprise!! I am a lucky girl :)


Monday, February 11, 2013

18 weeks...and growing!

Baby is now over 18 weeks and is about the size of a mango(6 inches)

I am feeling better every week.  I still have some moments of sickness about once a week-but I will take it over daily sickness from early pregnancy!  Belly is definitely growing, although in the pictures it just looks like I am getting bigger-not the belly!!
At our 17 week appointment baby's heart rate was between 150-152.  Such an amazing sound to hear every time!

We didn't get a 17 week picture because we were on vacation but here is the 16 week to compare to
I can see a change!!

Have a great week!

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Last week Brent and I were sitting on the couch after dinner like usual when he handed me the ipad and told me to look up Tenerife, Spain in Google Earth.  Then he told me we were leaving at the end of the week to go there and celebrate our anniversary.  I was so surprised!! He booked us 4 days at an all inclusive resort on the south end of the island(Tenerife is part of the Canary Islands). 
So early Friday morning(5:30 am) we fly down to the island.

On the bus headed to the resort.  I was smiling from the second I stepped outside

This is what awaited us when we got to our resort
Sunshine, pools and the ocean :)

And this is how I spent the rest of the day.  Sipping slushies poolside (they had a slushie machine for kids and of course pregnant woman :))

Saturday morning we got up early and both got in a great workout at the resort gym.  It was the first time either of us have used gym equipment since we moved here.  Is it sad that I kind of loved it?
After our workout we ate breakfast and went on a hike/walk along the coastline, where we got some beautiful pictures

There were crabs EVERYWHERE on the rocks.  If you look closely on the middle rock there is a pretty decent sized crab

Can you spot Brent?

What about now?

 There he is :)

Heading back to the resort

After our morning we spent the rest of the day doing more of this

 and poolside beer for B

I'll recap the rest of the trip on Monday

Have a good weekend!