Monday, March 24, 2014

Birthday in Barcelona

Thursday March 13th was my 30th birthday! Brent planned a trip for the 3 of us to go to Barcelona to celebrate the start of a new decade for me. We flew out Thursday morning and it was a quick 2 hour flight. Elliot did awesome on the flight, slept a little bit and played a little bit. We stayed in a nice hotel near Catalunya Square so we were nice and close to quite a few things. Once we were settled in the hotel we wandered around the city for a little bit before grabbing some dinner. We were back at the hotel pretty early so we could have Elliot in bed at his normal time. 
Hanging with Papa at the airport
Keeping Elliot entertained before boarding
Family plane selfie
Having fun with Photo Booth on the plane
Early dinner on our first night
Multi tasking at its finest, Sangria in one hand feeding the baby with the other
Happy Birthday to me!

Behind our hotel was a church and school with lots of soccer games going on
I'll have a couple more posts to recap the rest of the trip soon!


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Favorites 3-21

Whew! This week has been one heck of a week! Elliot has been sick with a stomach bug all week which has kept us home for most of the week. We've still managed to have some good moments. Here are some favorites from the week.

1. We've moved on from Army crawling

2. This one is from last week, but since we were gone I didn't get to my favorites so here you are!
Elliot loved having his uncle Ross visit! Loved seeing the world from that high!
3. I know I posted it earlier in the week but my surprise dinner for my 30th birthday was for sure a highlight of the week. It was so much fun!

4. Along with regular crawling, Elliot learned how to kneel this week. Seriously, kiddo slow down!

5. When I put Elliot in his crib for his naps he moves and crawls now and goes between sitting and laying finding ways to fight his sleep. Yesterday, he apparently got really tired while sitting and just decided to bend over. It was so funny and when he woke up he was so confused! Video monitors are awesome otherwise I wouldn't be able to watch any of this :) 

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Last night I had plans to have dinner with my friend Melissa. I got to the restaurant a little bit before here and got a table when I see her walk saying surprise along with 4 of my other friends! I was so caught of guard and couldn't believe I had no idea! Brent helped coordinate with the ladies as well and he never let on to anything. It meant so much to me that they all took time out of there schedules to celebrate with me. We had a great time and they spoiled me with flowers, chocolates, a personalized coffee mug and a cookie jar!(i have been wanting a cute cookie jar for awhile). I feel so blessed to have met such a great group of ladies over here and know that they will be life long friends!

Amy, Lindsey, Sam, Melissa, Daina and myself. I am blaming how pale I look on the flash from the camera :) 

Such a sweet card

The girl on the coffee mug is meant to look like me

My new Dutch cookie jar(it already has cookies in it!) 

Great way to end a wonderful dinner

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Elliot 8 Months

Happy 8 Months little man!!

These pictures get harder to take every month! 
This month has been great for all of us! Elliot is army crawling EVERYWHERE and gets pretty fast when he sees something he wants, which of course is everything he is not supposed to have :) He loves crawling under things and peeking out at us. Makes us laugh every time. He pushes himself into sitting from his crawling position and is starting to get more adventurous and trying to climb up and over things.

Little tables are perfect for crawling under

Why would I go IN my exersaucer when I can go UNDER
Eating is still going great. He loves feeding himself anything he can. He usually has more luck getting food in his mouth when he uses his left hand. As you can see it takes a lot of concentration :)

Some of his favorites right now are mango, quinoa, avocado, banana, rice cakes, chickpeas, lentils, chicken, green beans(he squeals every time he gets them!) and peas. Really we haven't found anything that he won't eat. Hoping that continues!

He has been a great little sleeper lately taking a 1.5 hour nap in the morning and a 2-2.5 hour nap in the afternoon. He typically goes to bed between 7-7:30 and sleeps until around 6:30. 

He is growing like crazy and it almost out of his 9 month clothes. He has out grown some of his 6-12 month stuff in length. I can't keep up with how quickly he is going through clothes! He is such a big boy now, but the other day he humored me and let me swaddle him, I thought it would be funny and I was right! It only last a couple seconds but it was great!

Elliot is such a happy baby and the past month has been so fun and memorable! 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Favorites 3-7

This week flew by pretty quickly! Looking forward to a beautiful weekend! Here are some favorites from the week.

Walking through the market with my favorites,Brent(not pictured :)) Elliot, Starbucks and a chocolate covered stroopwafel. It was a good day!

Little man fell asleep on me while I was rocking him. This hasn't happened in a long time so I enjoyed every second of it :) 

This one isn't from the week, but I just had it sent to me this week. From one of our walks with a friend a few weeks ago. 

These blue eyes. 

Have a good weekend!!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Favorties 2-28, just a bit late

I meant to post this last Friday but never get around to it! So here are some favorites from last week!

1. One of my favorites is a dinner I made on Monday night. The homemade mac and cheese was amazing! I have been trying for awhile to get the sauce just right and i think I finally made a perfect one. I had to round it out with a salad so I didn't feel so bad about the quantity of butter it took to make the sauce :)

2. The weather is another favorite(seriously!!) This week everyday(except yesterday) has been sunny and 55. Elliot and I have been going on lots of walks and with it being light out later it means I am getting to run when Brent gets home from work. All these sunny days means Elliot gets to wear his sunglasses again :) 

Loves his shades!

Beautiful park day with a side of cute baby 
3. Yesterday I watched my friend Daina's little girl while she had some dental work done. Thankfully, she and Elliot were both awesome and made watching a 3 month old and an almost 8 month old a breeze. 

Bente napping in the crib, Elliot napping on Mama

They were so great with each other!