Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Anderson's in Holland

Last week Brent's parents came to visit us.  Prior to coming to Holland they were on an 8 day cruise along the Reine river.  It sounded like a great cruise and they had a wonderful time!  Brent and Chuck spent a few of the days working and Mary and I spent the days drinking coffee, talking(we never ran out of things to talk about :)) and shopping.  It was great to be around family again and it made us even more excited for our trip back to the US in a few weeks!  We didn't get a ton of pictures but we got some good ones!

Mary and I enjoying a beer with our lunch

Beautiful day for shopping in Amsterdam

B and I

Chuck and Mary in the park near our house

Chuck and Mary with their "baby boy" 

Thanks for coming to visit Chuck and Mary!  We loved being able to show you our new home and look forward to seeing you in Minnesota!


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