Monday, October 29, 2012

Monkey on Your Back

I am all recovered from my race! Although, my feet may beg to differ.  I think losing toenail officially makes you a runner right?

Anyways, last week Brent went to Germany for work.  I stayed back and made plans with some girlfriends here.  You read that right, I have friends here!  I had fun catching up with all of the girls(all of us have been gone recently so we all had trips stories to share).  Brent got home late Wednesday night and had a surprise for me

He can go to Germany any time he wants as long as he brings home fancy German chocolate for me!  Also, my new favorite thing is milk chocolate with Hazelnuts in it=Amazing!!

On Friday night some friends had us over for dinner.  We had a great time and had to acclimate ourselves to biking home in the dark and the cold.  It may not get as cold here as it does in Minnesota, but you definitely spend a lot more time outside in the cold here!

On Saturday we drove to Apeldoorn.  It is about an hour drive east of us.  We went for the last weekend that the Apenhaul (direct translation Monkey Haul)was open.  It is basically a zoo that has mostly different types of monkeys and the little monkeys are roaming around free. 

Driving into Apeldoorn was beautiful.  The road was lined with trees all on the verge of losing their pretty fall leaves.  The walk to the entrance of the park was also very pretty  I loved the reflection on the water

It was cold and I have 5 layers on, excuse the awkward pose and puffy body

His excitement for this was pretty darn cute(I don't know if he will like that I just called his behavior cute)

 Hey little buddy

This was by far our favorite thing.  The 2 baby gorillas are the right were playing with each other and it was hilarious! They kept taking things from each other and then they would wrestle.  It was like watching 2 brothers play, seriously funny!

 Reflection shot with Gorillas on the other side.  All the gorillas were separated from the public by a large body of water and a fence.  No wondering around for these guys thankfully!

Have a good Monday


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