Friday, December 28, 2012


I hope that everyone had a fantastic Christmas! Brent and I had a great couple of days celebrating.  The weekend before we went to Germany to experience the Christmas markets-I'll do a whole post about this trip.  It really put us in the Christmas mood and got us excited for our first Christmas just the two of us. 

We decided to make Norwegian style meatballs for our Christmas eve dinner.  This is an Anderson family tradition every year and even though we weren't home we had to keep the tradition going. 
Brent and I worked together to get the meatballs just right and used our teamwork again on the gravy-which is the trickiest part!  We did a great job and both turned out delicious 

Our meatballs and mashed potatoes 

I have been complaining  subtly hinting that I could use a pair of rain boots since we moved here.  Since we live in a country where it may rain at any point any day I consider it a necessity :)  All my talking finally worked and I got my boots for Christmas
They have already been worn multiple times!

We spent Christmas day with Brent's employee Tom's family.  It was nice to be around a family on Christmas, even if it wasn't our own.  Overall, our first married Christmas was a great one!

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