Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Elliot Happenings

When Elliot was 7 days old the health department came to our house for his hearing test and to do his heel prick to test for over 16 different diseases.
 He started out calm

During the heel prick- he was so sad and mad!

My face is saying can't you go any faster 

Little photo shoot with mom

I just love this sweet face!

I love his hairy little ears!

His Zoolander face

Have a great Tuesday!


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  1. Mindy!!

    Congrats, Elliot is SO sweet and so handsome! Perfect little boy! I want to thank you for your comment and sorry Elliot is having gas pains too. I seriously lose sleep over it with Rocco, I just hate seeing him in pain, I cried yesterday when he got a shot, lol. I am a sap, plus I guess my hormones are still all over!

    I hope Elliot feels better soon too! I know as our boys get older their digestive systems will get better! <3