Monday, September 9, 2013

Elliot 2 Months

2 months already!! I feel like I was just writing his 1 month post! Where is the button to slow him down?
He had his 2 month appointment today which meant he got his first set of shots.  He cried, I cried and now we are giving him lots of snuggles!

Everyday with Elliot just gets better and better.  This past month has been filled with so many highlights.
Here are just a few

 Smiling back at us
Seriously, how can your day not be great when it starts with this face 

Interacts with the animals on his play mat
He loves this thing! When he first played with it he was a little scared, I think there was just too much going on for him.  He also is quite intrigued with the baby in the mirror on the play mat, it is so funny!

He is starting to finally love his bath, but his favorite is still getting dried off right after
So peaceful

He also LOVES getting his diaper changed now.  He could be crying and as soon as you put him on the changing table he smiles and "talks" to us
Talking during his diaper change

Sucking on his fingers
More and more he is finding either his thumb or his pointer and middle finger to suck on.  So far it is always on his right hand.  He does not like pacifiers at all so we will see if this sticks!

As much as I want him to stay my snugly little boy forever, it is so fun to see him develop and learn new things :)

Have a good Monday!


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