Monday, December 9, 2013

Elliot 5 Months

Our 5 month old big boy!!
1 month away from 6 months!! That is just crazy! This next month is going to go by so fast with our trip to Minnesota, Christmas and his Baptism.  Let's just press pause and stay here fore awhile, okay Elliot?
Of course he had to bring his zebra in for a picture :) 

This past month has been a big one for E. He is officially rolling. He just singles rolls for now, but tries to use his momentum to roll over again.  Most of the time it is just from his tummy to back, but he has done back to tummy(typically only at night).

Make it quick mama, I need to roll!

Along with rolling he has started just moving in general.  The kid never sits still anymore! Whether he is grabbing his feet and rolling or arching his back to move himself to get something, he never stops. This is also the case when he is in the bath. He splashes and moves like crazy! I can't wait to take him swimming!
Right before the splashing begins!

He also started eating solids this month. Our pediatrician told us we could start anytime between 4 and 6 months.(this is also on track with what they advise in the US now as well)  Initially I wanted to wait until 5 months, but his 4 month sleep regression was not going away and he was so into watching us eat.  So at 4.5 months we started with pureed vegetables.  He was not a fan the first day.  But everyday since he has been so excited to eat.  His favorite so far has been the pureed pumpkin.  I have been making all of his purees myself, which has been great!

He continues to look more like Brent everyday and has the blondest hair and sweet blue eyes. I can't wait to compare him to some of B's baby pictures when we are home. They only trait of mine that makes him differ from Brent is his nose. Glad there is a little of me!
Looking so much like his Papa!

He really is such a happy baby. I am truly amazed every single day by how much joy he brings into our lives and how his sweet giggle can erase any memory of a tough night or day. We love you E! Thanks for being so awesome!

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