Friday, May 16, 2014

Favorites 5-16

The week has just flown by. We had rainy gross weather the beginning of the week and the last half has been beautiful. We've been taking lots of walks and spending a lot of time outside as a family. Hoping this spring/summer weather is here to stay!

1. Elliot needed some new pants(every 6-12 and 12 month pair he own are now capri length on him!) So I bought him a pair at a local store and bought the regular fit. When I washed them and put them on him it clicked, I'm in Europe and the regular fit is a skinny fit! But let me tell you he looks pretty darn cute in them!

2. We had Elliot's first outing to the playground by our house this week and he loved it. He spent most of the time just standing and watching the other kids, but also loved playing in the sand. We met some new friends (from the US!!!) at the park. Always great to meet new people and add more opportunities for play dates. 
Such a big boy :) 

Loved watching the other kids 
3. We went to a new to us baby park today with my friend Lindsey and her girls. It was Elliot's first time every being on a swing. He loved it and he loved the whole park. He giggled the entire time we were there. The park is meant for kids 4 and under so they had TONS of baby toys and perfect for Elliot. We will definitely be going back all the time now that it is warmer. 
Swing pictures are impossible! He was just so happy!

Loving the warm weather(he was definitely overdressed for the weather)

4.After a busy couple of weeks I am looking forward to a nice and relaxing weekend. The weather is supposed to be wonderful so Brent and I want to spend as much of it outside as we can. 

Have a wonderful weekend!


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