Friday, August 24, 2012


The month of August in Europe tends to be a big month for holidays(vacations).  Many people take off a large portion if not the WHOLE month!  This includes a lot of shops and small restaurants.  Since so many people are off, I was able to convince Brent to take a few days off of work head south with me.  We took a late flight out last Wednesday night and flew to Lisbon, Portugal.  We were both pretty excited for some days in the sun and a little beach time.  We stayed in a nice hotel a little north(5 minute walk) of the main center of the city.  The entire time we were there we never saw a cloud in the sky!
The walk into the city was so pretty.  The path in the center of the road was lined with trees.  It helped keep the hot sun off of us too! 

 Statues everywhere

The city has these trams going through all of the tiny streets.  

Rossio Square 

Aaw, I think he likes me :)  

Brent and I were amazed at the patterns in the sidewalks all over the city.  Every single one had a different design and looked like it was a lot of work!

 Small street...lots of people

 The Santa Justa Lift.  Was built to connect the lower part of the city with the higher part.  Now serves as tourist attraction.

More sidewalk designs on our way to the water 

 My handsome hubby striking a pose

Enjoying the view

By the water.  As you can tell the person taking the picture struggled to get the water in the background, we had this problem we many of the pictures we had taken of us on this trip!

Those silly excavators taking away from the scenery :)  This one is for you dad!

Loved the gorgeous mosaic tiles on the side of the buildings

Handmade plates and bowls on the side of the street

Senior picture pose

While we were touring the castle of St. Jorge we saw peacocks walking around all over

Cannon at the castle

This post is getting really long so I will write about the rest of the trip tomorrow!

Have a great weekend


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