Friday, August 10, 2012


On Friday I watched Amanda compete in the triple jump on my computer at the hotel.  I was sporting my team Smock shirt and cheering her on!  Way to go Amanda!

The rest of the day I spent walking along the River Thames.  There were many cute shops and cafes all along the river.  Near Tower Bridge in a park, they had an Olympic viewing area set up with a huge screen and lots of vendors.  I enjoyed a cider beer and watched a little Track and Field. 

Covent Garden Market 

 Aah Target.  So there is no Target in the UK but they were advertising and handing out gift bags near the River.  Made me miss home :) 

One of the many bridges 

Olympic rings in the River 

Shakespeare's Globe 

The Swiss viewing area 

Tower Bridge 

Cleopatras Oracle 

Buckingham Palace at night  

  I am so happy that I went to London!  I was a little nervous going by myself at first but I am really happy that I did it.  Although it was nice to get away, I was very excited to get back to Brent! 

Have a good weekend


  1. Good for you traveling on your own!! That's a big deal, a lot of people would never do that! Way to be daring and make the most of your time "across the pond".


  2. Miss you too Chels!!! See you in a little over a month!!