Monday, January 28, 2013

Winter Wonderland

This past Saturday we got out to enjoy the beautiful winter day.  Friends of ours told us last year when the pond in the park froze over the restaurant that was right by it had an outdoor stand where they sold hot chocolate and split pea soup.  We decided to check in out and the stand was there!  

Split pea is Brent's favorite and thankfully is a common dutch soup

Don't mind the snowflake in front of my face-great timing for pictures!

One of the fires that the restaurant had set up

Enjoying my hot cocoa and the snow!

The temperature was perfect.  Not too cold, but cold enough that is was still snowing, perfect winter day!  It is a good thing we did this on Saturday.  That night it rained and all of the snow is gone and the pond is no longer frozen!

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