Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Canary Islands part 2

On Sunday morning of our vacation we did a hike with our resort through a nature reserve that is across from the property.

I got in the way of many of Brent's pictures-there are probably 10 more pictures of my back etc as I stepped into his shot :)

On the raft that our tour guides pulled across the water 

This is how we got to the other side

The had different demos set up throughout the reserve telling the history of the island

Inside the reserve

Another reenactment

Our flight wasn't until late on Monday so we got to enjoy the day walking along the coast taking in more of the island 

At the top of a hill

Such pretty landscape 

All of the beaches were black sand and rocks(the whole island is formed from lava)

One of our many rest breaks

Another peninsula on the island
 Along the trail there were quite a few rocks like this stacked on top of each other

Map of the island on one of the buildings.  We stayed on the southern end

My last slushie on the island

It was an amazing trip! Thank you Brent for the wonderful surprise!! I am a lucky girl :)


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