Saturday, June 1, 2013

Date Day

On Friday Brent decided to take the day off for the two of us to have a date day(I called it that not him :))   The weather cooperated(for once!!) and we had a really nice day!
We started the day with my favorite decaf latte

Sometimes you just need a little bit of home for the drive :) 

We headed to Den Haag to go to the Madurodam.  It is a small park with different cities of Holland recreated miniature sized.
Mini Winkel von Sinkel- An old department store along the canal in Utrecht

The Dam tower and my big belly!  This one would have been a lot easier to climb than the full size one we did last year

 Dam Square in Amsterdam- the detail is amazing

Smelling the tulip box

They had a recreation of a dutch clog factory and if you put a euro in a mini pair of clogs would come out of the factory.  I thought they would be perfect for Baby A's room :)


They even had a mini red light district, complete with gawkers!

We had a great time experiencing this Dutch tradition and enjoyed the people watching just as much!

I'll recap the rest of the day in another post tomorrow.

Have a good weekend!


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  1. You look so cute!! Also, you boobs are HUGE... borderline porn boobs.