Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Holy Stairs

Seriously they were Holy-like they were part of a church.  On Sunday Brent and I, along with his co-worker David who is in town, decided to take a tour of the Dam Tower.  Remember from this picture

We were in line right at noon when the office opened to get our tickets for the hour long tour.  Now, I knew going in to this there was going to be some stair climbing involved.  In my head I was thinking, I've done hour long step classes I can climb a few steps in a church tower.  A few stairs equated into 465 stairs right to the top.  Thankfully, our tour guide took stops to explain stuff to us on the way up. By the way, this tour guide gives 3 tours a day, that means she climbs at total of 1,395 stairs a day and that is just up. 
The tour was actually pretty cool and we got some really good pictures from the top of the tower.  Dave got some of Brent and I on his camera so I will be sure to add those when I get them from him.  Until then here is what I have for you

These were the stairs, they just kept winding around in circle all the way up.  
I will save the rest of the information about the Dam tower so that when you all visit you can hear it on the tour ;)
Have a good May Day

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