Saturday, August 17, 2013

Grandma comes to town

A couple weeks ago my mom came to visit us but mostly to meet Elliot :) 
She got in on a Saturday morning and was here until the following Friday.  She of course came with lots of presents for the little man! We were amazed at how much she was able to get in her bag!  We spent a lot of time just hanging out at our place in the beginning of the week.  On Thursday we went into Amsterdam so my mom could see the city and order some tulips.  We had a great time having her here and loving our little guy.  Here are some pics from the week

 Elliot was already trying to impress Grandma(Oma is grandma in Dutch)

Meeting for the first time

Walking to the park with grandma 

Hanging out at Starbucks


Saying good bye

Thanks for visiting mom!!

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