Monday, July 28, 2014

It's Been Awhile

Whew! It has been a busy one over here. On Friday we got back from 5 weeks in Minnesota. I had every intention of blogging while I was there(for my own sake to remember stuff) but it just didn't happen. I'm planning on doing a couple of posts of some highlights from the trip.

Elliot and I flew to MN on June 20th. With just me and him flying alone we looked like a traveling circus once Brent left us at the airport.  I'm in the pink shirt below, wearing Elliot and the diaper bag and pushing a cart with our stroller bag, car seat and a suitcase and then also pulling 2 suitcases!

After checking our bags much easier to get through the airport

Elliot did great on the flight. He fell asleep before we even took off and slept the first 2 hours of the flight. He was awake for awhile ate, played and walked around. Then he took another nap and was happy as can be the rest of the flight. Even though he was wonderful, a 8.5 hour flight alone with an 11.5 month old is still exhausting.  My mom picked us up from the airport and after grabbing some lunch we were able to settle in at our house. Elliot crashed pretty early that night with only one wake up. It took him about 2 nights and he was over the jet lag.  We had some fun get togethers the first couple of days meeting some new baby boys and catching up with old friends. 
We had dinner with Brent's parents one of the first few nights we were there and Curious Elliot made his way through the house finding everything he wasn't supposed to. Thankfully, he did play with some toys and let us all sit for a bit :) 

I'll be back with a few more posts this week all about our time in MN and of course Elliot's big 1st birthday!

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