Friday, June 13, 2014

Favorites 6-13

These weeks, I tell you, they keep getting away from me. Elliot and I fly to MN in 1 week and I have SO much to do before then! But when do I pack for Elliot? I can't when he is sleeping, all his clothes are in his room, and when he is awake he will pull anything out that I have put it the suitcase! Hoping I can make a dent in his packing this weekend while Brent is around. Here are some of my favorite pics from the week.

Have a good weekend!

1. We had an extra day with papa this week and it was wonderful! Brent had Monday off for a Dutch holiday and we had to much fun. We went to the pool with friends, went on a walk and just enjoyed an extra day of family time.
Elliot also got some sleep on papa

Pool Time!
2. Elliot had his last music class until fall and seriously the boy loves it. I think it is just because he can bang things together and we call it "music" :) 

3. These ones are actually from last week but i didn't do a favorites post last week so you get them today! 
Family food truck fun!

Food truck festival with friends
4. So I know I said it above but I am really excited for our trip to MN! The flight to MN not so much! Elliot and I are flying alone and Brent is joining us 12 days later. I am hoping I have a friendly seat mate who doesn't mind a chatty 11 month old sitting next to them. Send some positive vibes our way next Friday! 

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