Friday, August 22, 2014

Favorites 8-22

This week has been a rough one weather wise. It has been raining and cold everyday making it pretty tough to get outside. We've tried to make the most of some peaks of sunshine so E could play outside a little bit. Here are a few favorites from the week(or upcoming weekend).

1. Last Saturday we FINALLY got a mamafiets(mothers bike). We have been looking for a bike that I could ride with Elliot for months and couldn't find the right one. Well, Saturday we found one and bit the bullet and bought it. E absolutely loves it! He talks or giggles the whole time we are on it. With the bad weather we haven't been able to use it a ton this week but the few times we did have already been worth it.

2. Elliot has a little area in our house he has made his "spot." In between the dresser and wall in our living room is a little gap that is the perfect size for a 13 month old. He takes books in there to sit and read, brings toys or just tries to hide from us. It is really cute and makes me smile every time he does it. 

3. I'm training to do the Amsterdam half marathon again and have been doing some of my training runs bright and early in the am before Brent goes to work. I'll tell you at first 5:45 was not a welcome sight, but the more I do it, the more normal it becomes. Also, running that early means no waiting at stoplights(the only turn on at 6:30). 

4. We had Brent's employee Tom's wedding this week. Thankfully, we were able to bring Elliot with and he cooperated for the most part. He loved all of the attention he got from everyone and may have started yelling "gog"(how he says dog) when Tom and Karins dogs came in to the ceremony. Oops :) Good thing he is cute!

5. We are hoping to get in a nice long family bike ride this weekend. Cross your fingers that the weather cooperates for us!

Have a good weekend!

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