Friday, June 8, 2012

Things I've learned since moving to Holland

1. There is a reason for bike signals- I never understood the importance of bike signals until moving somewhere, that it is my primary means of transportation.

2. Never believe the weather reports- It will change daily, hourly and in some case by the minute so basically always plan on a little rain, a little sun and a little wind.

3. Get some saddlebags- no, not the saddlebags used to describe an unflattering part of women's thighs, these saddlebags

Seriously they are awesome.  When you have to bring your groceries home on a bike, these things are a lifesaver. And yes, that is one of our sweet rides that it is attached to.

4. Eating healthy is easy-  Fresh produce is cheap and available everywhere here.  Now Brent and I have no excuse to not eat our fruits and vegetables which should make our moms happy!

5. Spicy foods, not in Holland- Brent and I like it hot, our food that is ;)  There is nothing hot about the food here.  No hot sauce to be found and the so called "hot" salsa is sweet and more mild than mild tostadas salsa.

6. Learning a few dutch words goes a long way- Even just please and thank you.  Every time I have said either of them it always puts a smile on the persons face to see me trying and who doesn't like to make people smile!

7. Sprinkles are an acceptable breakfast option - Sprinkles for breakfast= awesome!!

It is common to have these on peanut butter toast in the morning. My favorite is on waffles.  I know a few of my nieces and nephews would be pretty excited to learn they can have sprinkles for breakfast :)

That is all I have for now.  I am sure as we are here I will come across many more things!

Have a good weekend

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