Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Tuesday April 30th was the last Queensday in the Netherlands for a long time.  Queen Beatrix abdicated her throne so her son King Willem could be crowned.  Every year this is a huge celebration but this year the celebration was even bigger.  Royalty from all over the world were in Amsterdam for the coronation, parade and celebratory dinner.  From here on out there will be King's day, celebrated on April 27th, King Willem's birthday.  We celebrated both Queen's night and Queen's day in Utrecht this year, as we figured Amsterdam would be a bit too crazy for this pregnant lady :)

Streets are taken over by people and everyone wears their orange

Business' use this day as a chance to put every orange item they sell in the windows 
 This is the window of a tiny grocer near our house
Their other window- All Bran and OJ 

Not the greatest picture but at least we got one!

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