Saturday, November 9, 2013

Elliot 4 Months

So I know I say this every month but seriously, 4 months already!!!

The past month little man has gotten so strong! He loves to be standing!

He can be fussy and crabby and as soon as he is standing, happy as can be! It makes him look so much older whenever he is standing, didn't he listen when I told him he was supposed to stay little?

He still loves being swaddled when he sleeps.   He really needs it at night to settle down and it is instantly soothing for him.  Once he is calmed down he wiggles his 2 fingers out to the top so he can suck on them.  I joke with Brent that he will go to college being swaddled, the kid loves it!  I got this picture the other day when we came upstairs for nap time and I laid him on the bed to move something out of the crib and I turned around to get him and this is what i found
If only getting him to sleep was always this easy.

His zebra "lovey" has really become his best friend(after me of course :)).  I love that he has something that he finds as a source of comfort

 Both of his comforts, his zebra and his fingers

He is wearing 3 month or 3-6 month clothes right now. He will be moving up to 6 month pajamas any day now, his 3 month ones are getting pretty short in the length!
Busting out :)

Elliot is really getting to a fun age. He giggles, smiles and talks all the time. It makes up for that extra wake up he has been doing lately :) 

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