Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Holiday Season

The Dutch Holiday season kicked off this past weekend when Sinterklaas came into town. You might remember we went to the festivities last year, but this year was a bit more fun with Elliot. Fun fact, the day after the Sinterklaas parade last year was when we found out we were expecting E!  Such a change in a year! We met up with our friends Sam and Dan before the parade, just like last year and we all got our spot along the canal.  It wasn't that cold out but we knew that we would be outside for awhile so we made sure to bundle E up. We had intentions of only doing the canal parade this year, but the parade with Sinterklaas on his horse ended up blocking our route home, so we saw that as well! Here are some of our pictures from the day. 

A common look for me, Starbucks in one hand and Elliot in the Ergo carrier :)

E got a good nap in on mama before the parade
Woke up just in time
Elliot got quick a lot of attention from the people on the canal boats.  Quite a few people yelled out, "Leuk Beertje!" which is cute little bear in Dutch. 
Smiles for the people going by
Papa and Elliot

The boys, Brent, Elliot and Dan

Elliot with the ladies
The big guy, Sinterklaas is here!

Notice this year there are far less picture of the parade and way more of a certain baby :) 

This parade made Brent and I even more excited for the holidays this year. These events are definitely more fun now that we are parents and know that as Elliot grows so will his excitement.

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