Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Christmas Recap(Only 3 weeks late)

We had quite a few Christmas celebrations this year. The weekend before we headed to my parents house in Melrose to celebrate with my family. We of course forgot our camera but managed to get a few pictures of Elliot opening presents on our phones.
First present-mama got a little emotional :)

Elliot got some great gifts from my parents and my sister(his godmother) and of course at first he was more interested in the wrapping paper :) We exchange names with my parents and siblings(and in laws) . A few years ago we started a no gift card policy and its fun to see what everyone comes up with for each other. I got a shirt that I love from my sister in law and Brent got a new shirt for soccer and toiletry travel bag from my mom.

On Christmas Eve we went over to Brent's parents house to celebrate with his family. We had the traditional Anderson family meatball dinner, the Christmas play and presents. Elliot got to be baby Jesus in the play since little baby Hugh wasn't there. It was pretty cute.
Litte E and a big tree

William, Sam, Elliot and Ryan

First Christmas as a family of 3!

Getting ready to be baby Jesus

Looks like he is waving

Baby Jesus didn't want to be in the manger anymore

Elliot once again was given great gifts from Brent's parents and his cousins who had his name. He got pretty tired during present opening and crashed until we went home. Next year he'll be running around with all the other kids!

Christmas day we drove up to my grandpa's for lunch and came back home to our house after for dinner and present opening with Elliot. Santa was very good to him this year. He got a personalized suitcase, a monogrammed chair and some smaller things in his stocking.
He loves his chair! Such a big boy!

He knew exactly what to do with the toothbrush in the package, so advanced :) 

Loves his links too!

We had so much fun celebrating Christmas in Minnesota with our families this year. It is such a different and wonderful experience to have a child when celebrating the holidays. It really has become about making memories and all these times special for him, with a few goodies in there for us adults too :)

Have a great Tuesday!

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