Friday, January 17, 2014

Favorites from the week

Happy Friday! I'm going to try checking in on Fridays with some of my favorite things from the week. Hopefully I can stick to it!

1. Elliot has been saying "mum" all week. I keep telling Brent he is trying to say mom, but he thinks that he was born in Great Britain and not the Netherlands :) Either way it is super cute and every time he does it I smile.

2. Last night I got to have a night out with my friend Melissa.  We went to the same place we went to my first night leaving Elliot after he was born, which meant I got to have some of their awesome sangria again! It was so nice having a couple hours to myself.  Elliot did great for Brent and stayed asleep most of the time I was gone. 

Old picture but same delicious sangria!(this was before I cut my hair! I forgot how long it was!)
3. In Wednesday Elliot and I had a coffee date with my friend Daina and her daughter Bente. 
So much fun having another friend here with a little one! We have plans to have weekly meet ups until she goes back to work!

4. Last Saturday(i know technically not this week) I went to a hot yoga class with one of my friends. I haven't been to a yoga class since I was 7 months pregnant and it felt so awesome to do a class again. They have a class during one of Elliot's naps so it is perfect since one of us would have to be home anyways! I'm hoping to make it a regular thing so stay tuned! (no pictures of this because I promise nobody wants to see how sweaty hot yoga makes me :))

5. On Monday, Elliot and I went for a nice walk with my friend Lindsey and her 2 daughters. Her youngest daughter is 5 months older than Elliot and her oldest will be 3 in a couple weeks. The 3 year old LOVES Elliot and loves "watching" him for me :) 

6. Elliot finally getting over his jet lag. Let me tell you it was a rough few days when we got back from Minnesota. Thankfully we turned a corner this week and little man is back to sleeping all night again! 
Playtime when he was jet lagged ended like this many days

As you can see we had a pretty busy week with lots of get togethers, which has been great! It's nice to have some things to get us out of the house during the chilly months.

And just because this post needed another picture of Elliot! Seriously he looks like such a big boy!

Have a good weekend!


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