Thursday, January 30, 2014

Elliot's Baptism

** Apparently I do recaps 3+ weeks after events happen! I need to get better at this!

The Sunday before we came back to the Netherlands we had Elliot's baptism. We had him baptized at the same church Brent and I were married at. It was so nice to have our family there to celebrate this special day for Elliot with us. After the baptism we had both our families over to our house for a small celebration. It was such a nice day!

Such a great moment. 

Elliot kept making Fr. Magner smile/laugh during his blessing
Smiley boy sucking/chewing on his thumb
With my parents
With Brent's parents
Big boy!

Love that he is smiling in this one

Us with Elliot's god parents

Elliot and his godparents, Missy and Ross

At our house we had to get Elliot and his sweet cousin Hugh in their matching outfits :) 

Mamas and their boys- Thank you to Katie for taking all of the pictures at baptism for us!!

Happy Thursday!!

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