Thursday, June 5, 2014


In our quest to see as much of the Netherlands as we can while we live here, we ventured to Delft a couple Saturdays ago. Delft is located just north of Rotterdam and is know for the Delft blue pottery, also called Delftware. Of course, I didn't end up buying any Delftware but intend to before we move home. We spent most of the time just walking around the city, had lunch and toured one of the churches in town.

Cold and windy when we got there. We could definitely could feel we were closer to the ocean.  Thankfully it warmed up while we were there. 

The first picture of my alone in I don't know 11ish months :) 

Trying to keep E busy while waiting for lunch

I couldn't believe how close to the canal the shops/home were

My two Dutch Boys

Beautiful city

Had to take a picture of the William and Mary window for my parents. This is in the new church in Delft where they have the tombs and mausoleum of the Dutch royal family

Using an old bike as a flower planter

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