Friday, September 12, 2014

Elliot Lately

Instead of my usual Favorites post(which admittedly I have been awful at doing lately) I am going to do a little Elliot update.

- He is still an awesome little eater. He really will try anything and most of the time loves it. People keep telling me to prepare for a change in his eating around 15 months but I am really hoping that doesn't happen to him!
He loves using his fork and spoon. And of course his hands :) 

- He waves to everyone any opportunity he can. I love how outgoing and friendly this little man is. When he is in his stroller or riding on the bike everyone gets a wave and a smile. It is always fun to see people as we approach them and they are usually smiling or laughing at Elliot.

- He is obsessed with any truck or machine. He LOVES watching the recycling truck come and pick up all of the recycling from across the street. Every time we see one he puts and starts babbling and will strain his neck trying to keep looking at it. Most of the drivers get a big wave from Elliot :)  
Like father like son. Watching the trucks 

We had some work being done on the sidewalk outside of our place. He sat and watched for 20 minutes!

- Anything that opens and closes will keep Elliot occupied for long periods of time.

- He loves dogs or as he calls them "Gogs". If we see a dog he starts saying, "woof woof" and it is one of the cutest things ever!

We have so much fun with him and are loving this stage so much! Looking forward to what the next stage brings!

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