Monday, September 29, 2014


Brent had a trade show for work in Istanbul last week so we decided to extend the trip a few days and make it a little vacation. We flew out Monday afternoon and flew back Saturday am(soooo early Saturday!). The weather was great, we tried some awesome new food and just enjoyed the week. Elliot is really spoiling us and was an amazing little traveler once again. Oh, and the Turkish people LOVED him! I guess they are not used to seeing a blond haired, blue eyed boy very often. Everyone was super nice and I think Elliot left Istanbul thinking he was a prince or something ;) Here are just a few pics from our first couple days.
Seeing the world from above

Busy shopping street

Papa and E selfie

Sleepy boy 
All of us at dinner

One of the waiters who "had" to hold Elliot. (this was a general theme of the trip everywhere we went)

And then show him off to his brothers in the kitchen
Bus tour through Istanbul 

Being a tourist is exhausting(note the raisins in his sleeping hands)

Such a big boy

Blue Mosque in the background

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