Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Singelloop 10k

Last Sunday I ran the Singelloop 10k in Utrecht. It was a nicely organized race and the route through the city was great. It started in the park right by our house(so awesome!) and it ended on a pretty street in the city called Malibaan. The street is lined with trees on both sides and was such a great way to end the race. An even better way to end it was with a personal best time for me! I was not expecting that since the race was the day after we got back from Istanbul.  The route went right past our house so Brent and Elliot were outside cheering for me and then cheering again at the finish line. It was so great to be able to spot the two of them as I was coming up on the finish! You can't really tell in the pics but there was awesome crowd support along the entire race. They had multiple races going throughout the day and the 10k was the last one so I wasn't sure if there would still be people out cheering. Thankfully, people were still out. It always helps to make races a little easier when lots of people are clapping for you.

Headed over to the start

Running right past our house

My two favorite spectators :) 

Great view of the street

Still smiling even at the end

Walking back to the after race party in the park

Next up is the Amsterdam Half Marathon in 2 weeks!

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