Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Elliot's first flight

2 weeks ago I said I was writing a post about Elliot's first flight, finally here it is!

2 weeks ago Elliot and I flew to the US for a trip.  It was Elliot's first time flying and of course my first time traveling with him.  I have to say I wasn't really to nervous about the flight itself because I knew i could always get up with him if need be.  I stressed more about whether to bring the stroller or not!
Anyways, Elliot did AMAZING!! The flight ended up being an hour longer than normal because of turbulence, so 9 hours.  He didn't cry until the last 15 minutes of the flight, which I think was due to his ears as we were descending.  The flight attendants were very helpful the entire flight and made everything even smoother.
Here is a few pics from our travel day
All ready to board! He held on tight to his passport :) 

I had bulkhead seating so I could use the bassinet.  E was a little skeptical 

My mom picked us up at the airport and we went home to relax.  Jet lag hit E pretty hard the first day

Passed out on Mommy

So tired! 

 Coco loves her little brother

I'll have a bunch of Minnesota posts coming soon!

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