Sunday, October 6, 2013

First Family Road Trip

Two weeks ago we took our first road trip as a family to Germany, with our 11 week old who hates his car seat.  Let's just say we were all a bit nervous going into this 6.5 hour drive.  Well Elliot proved us all wrong and did awesome! (on the way there at least:))  

We did have some snuggle stops

But most of the car ride Elliot spent like this
He holds my hand a lot when he is in his car seat, I love it :)

We got to Berlin and got checked into our apartment where we all stayed.  It was nice to have a space where we could all spend time together, especially after Elliot went to bed.
Dinner the first night was at a traditional style German restaurant which was great, a lot of food but really good.
Elliot looks thrilled

Even the beers were huge! Definitely did not finish it!

I'll recap the rest of the trip tomorrow!

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