Tuesday, October 29, 2013

So Many Get Togethers

Elliot and I had such a good time while we were in Minnesota.  He got to meet so many family members and friends of Brent and mine.  I am so happy and grateful that the two of us were able to make this trip.  Here are some pictures from out different meet ups.   WARNING: Picture overload!

Snuggles with Grandpa Kemper 

 Cousin Mabel

 Cousin Owen
Cousin Violet and E, 11 months apart 

Cousin Keira 

 Meeting Great Grandpa Welle

Great Grandpa and E

Auntie Missy and cousin Mabel 

Tummy time with his puppies

After church donuts with cousins Ryan, William and Sam

Dinner with grandma Kemper

Coffee with Oma

Meeting new buddy Smith

There were so many other get togethers and pictures that other people took.  If you have some please send them my way!


  1. SO cute! Glad you got to visit family and had a great trip! His little batman outfit is too cute! YAY, glad you got baby gap deals too!