Saturday, April 12, 2014

Elliot 9 Months

9 months! That means only 3 more months until 1!!
The only picture I could get before he took off!

This past month has brought us a little mover! Elliot is go-go all the time now. I swear, the speed he crawls at gets faster every day. Within days of learning how to crawl on all fours, Elliot began pulling himself up on everything.  He loves standing and is completely comfortable holding onto just one of our fingers while he is standing. At his last appointment they told me they think he will be walking before his next appointment(at 11 months). Let me tell you I am not ready for that!!
After his nap when he pulled up in the crib for the first time. He was so proud! 
He is still a great eater and since getting over being sick his appetite has tripled. He prefers to eat whole or cut up foods over purees and want to always feed himself.

Sleeping has not been the greatest this month for Elliot. With him getting sick and not eating much during the day he was waking at night. The doctor had me nurse him at night for about a week during and after being sick to help get his weight back up. So then we had to re-break that habit. Thankfully, he is getting back on schedule. I am still enjoying anytime he will fall asleep on me :)
Enjoying the nice weather with a sleepy baby

Starbucks is exhausting :) 

He does a really great job of entertaining himself. But of course has to have a constant eye on him because he quickly can get into EVERYTHING! We got him a small ball pit a few weeks ago that we bring out a few times a week. If I am lucky I can get 5-10 minutes of him playing before he remembers he knows how to crawl out. 

He even lets his papa in to play with him

New this month
*He waves "bye-bye" 
*Does so big. He used need our hands to do it but now brings them over his head whenever you ask      how big he is 
*He is really close to clapping. He brings his hands together softly or misses completely but he's trying :) 
*Like I said before pulls up on everything, especially if it is not stable
*Gives kisses-he loves giving kisses! They are a bit slobbery but it is so sweet and i take all I can get!
*He loves turning the pages in books when we are reading and loves "reading" by himself
*Talking all of the time. There are days he will talk in his stroller the whole way him from the grocery store. I wonder where he gets that from :) 

Every month just seems to be more and more fun with Elliot! Looking forward to seeing what month 10 brings us!

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