Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Keukenhof 2014

While my parents were here we went to the Keukenhof gardens. We have been one other time right after we moved here with my sister and brother in law. The fact the the garden is only open this time of year definitely played a part in why they booked their trip for April. We ended up spending a decent amount of time there and thankfully Elliot did great! They only downside was because we had such a mild winter here, the tulip fields bloomed early and most of the fields had already been harvested. Last time we had 100's of pictures of flowers, this time it's all Elliot :)

Love all the color combos

Next year Elliot will love this playground

Just hanging out in some wooden shoes

My sweet boy

Elliot was super distracted by some people next to us

Smiley boy with his swollen tooth

Happy Wednesday!


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