Monday, April 22, 2013

28 Weeks

Into the 3rd trimester!
I need to work on my posture!

Baby is a little over 28 weeks now, which means only 12 weeks to go!! Not sure where the time has gone but it has gone quickly! After the baby showers back in MN we have lots of great stuff for baby A but now we need to get our place ready(and ourselves :) ) Brent will be doing a fair amount of travel over the next month so I will have lots of time to get things put away!

At my most recent appt baby was measuring right on, except its legs.  The legs are a week ahead of the rest of the body! All in all the baby looked good.  He/She is weighing a little over 2 pounds and is moving like crazy.  Brent can now feel and see baby moving, which is awesome!

With being in MN we were not good about taking weekly pictures so the last one I have is from 23 weeks.
Lots of change in those 5 weeks!

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