Monday, February 10, 2014

Elliot 7 Months

Another month older, another month that has just flown by!

Such a big boy!

Elliot's eating this month has increased a ton! He is loving having grains with his fruits and veggies. He has either oatmeal or mashed up rice(cooked in chicken broth) and he loves both. I am looking forward to adding some quinoa into the rotation this month. A new food he loves is chickpeas. I mash them into his food or just give him little bites and he goes crazy. He loves having little chunks of mango and whenever I have a banana for myself I let him take some "bites" out of it. This past week we have started giving chicken and so far it is going great! Keeping our fingers crossed he keeps eating so well. We go in next week to check his weight so we'll see what all of this increased eating has done for him.
Loves mama's banana
Elliot is moving all over the place! He uses a combination of log rolling and scooting on his stomach/side. Watching him and his determination is just awesome. He gets something in his line of vision and he doesn't give up until he gets it. I can't turn around for even a second any more as evidenced by the picture below.
I think we have some baby proofing to do!

He has learned how to screech the past few weeks whenever he wants something. We call him a pterodactyl because man he can get loud! Usually it means he is hungry or tired so as long a we stay ahead of those things we can avoid it :) 

In addition to getting his first cold this month it looks like his 2 front bottom teeth are going to be making an appearance soon. His gums are pretty white and he is biting down on anything and everything he can. Hoping they pop through soon and it is an easy process on him!

and an outtake, this was just as he was starting to reach for me. One of my favorite new developments :)  

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