Friday, February 21, 2014

Favorites 2-21

Hope everyone had a nice week. Brent is home and we are all pretty happy about that over here! Here are some favorite moments/pictures from the week.

1. Elliot was so excited when Brent walked in the door this morning it was great. Someone missed his Papa!
Papa's home!

2. We had some pretty decent weather here this week so Elliot and I were able to get out for a lot of walks. 

Ignore the pale, tired mama and just look at the cute, happy baby

Baby and mama drinks along the canal. Brent got Elliot to fake starbucks sippy for Christmas. Just like Mama!
3. We went to a 1st birthday party on Sunday for Elliot's friend Holly. Since Brent was gone we did the train to get to there house and E did awesome. We had so much fun spending time with our friends!
He is such a happy baby!
4. Elliot started sleeping with his butt in the air so I had to take a creepy picture of the video monitor
So funny 

Have a good weekend!

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