Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Weekend in Brugge

This past weekend we went to Brugge(Bruges) Belgium to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. Thankfully, it is just a 2.5 hour drive from us which made it an easy trip. We left Friday around noon hoping that by leaving then we could get Elliot to sleep his normal afternoon nap. It worked! He slept the entire car ride there which was a great start to the trip! We didn't have anything specific we wanted to do while we were there, just walk around and take in a new city. On to the pictures!
First night, Mama and E

Market Square

Family Selfie

Lounging after E's afternoon nap

Belgium and their delicious sweets, I couldn't get enough! Not pictured are the expensive macaroons we demolished!!

You know it's good chocolate when the line is out the door(there are chocolates shops everywhere so this says a lot!)

My favorites

Such a pretty square all lit up

So we never let E watch tv. On Sunday while we were getting things packed Brent had soccer on. The sound wasn't on so I didn't notice and I set E on the bed surrounded by pillows while I got stuff together. I looked up and he was locked in on the soccer game. I think it is Brent's proudest moment thus far as a father :) 
And thankfully Elliot slept the entire trip home!


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