Friday, February 7, 2014

Favorites 2-6

Some of my favorite things from this week.

1. One of the best moments this week was celebrating our anniversary. Of course we celebrated in Bruges last weekend, but we wanted to do something on the actual day as well.  I came downstairs to a bouquet of flowers on Tuesday morning and once Elliot was asleep that night Brent cooked us dinner- lucky lady! I took care of dessert and we had cheesecake(the dessert we had at our wedding). Such a nice night and so much fun to have some us time!

2. One of the Starbucks near us has a Burger Kind attached to it(there are 3 businesses connected and 2 of them are American!) so when we were getting coffee we had to get a picture of E in his first Burger King crown. He didn't even try to take it off, just gave us a big smile. Such an easy going kid!

3. Every time I put the hat in the picture below on Elliot he starts giggling(thanks Pat and Kristin for the hat!). He has been sick with his 1st cold this week so we needed some giggles so in came the hat!
Ignore the snot running down his nose, I can't keep up with it!
With E being sick we've had a pretty low key week. Hoping he is over this cold soon so we can enjoy the weekend!

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