Friday, April 20, 2012

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Seriously I love coffee.  Like Brent thinks I have a problem. So that is why this weeks favorite thing is...Coffee!! Now you are all saying, "Mindy, you can have coffee in the states" and I know but it is different here.  See the picture below

Do you see what is on the right of the saucer?? That is right a cookie.  Every time you get coffee here they give you some sort of "treat."  It is the best. One place even gives you a mini stroopwafel with your coffee.  If you read my favorite things last week you know how I feel about the stroopwafel :).  

I am spending the next couple days with my sister Missy and brother in law Brad.  Expect lots of posts and stories next week about their visit!

Have a good weekend

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