Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend Recap

Hope that everyone had a great Easter! Brent and I spent our first holiday married by enjoying our new city just the two of us.  We were able to find a church that had an English service at 12:30 so we went to that. It was a bit of an adventure though.  On Friday we decided to find a catholic church so we would not have to worry about finding it on Sunday morning, we would know where it was.  So we get to the church on Friday and they have a sign up(all in English) that every Sunday at 12:30 they have a mass in English.  We were happy about this since we assumed we would be sitting through Easter mass in Dutch.  So Sunday morning we get dressed and head back to that same church.  When we got there 5 minutes before mass the church was empty.  Turns out the sign was advertising for another Catholic church.  We walked fast to the other church and ended up only being 5 minutes late for church. We were also very happy to be able to skype with our families this weekend. Skype is amazing and I don't know how we would do this without it!

Backtracking to Saturday.  Brent and I were really excited about going shopping at the market this weekend.  Every Saturday in Utrecht (other cities too) they have a big market set up in one of the squares in the city center.  They have everything you can think of from clothes to chicken wings to freshly roasted nuts.  Armed with our change...seriously we have so many coins!  They get heavy to carry around! Anyways, we got some really good stuff.  Neither of us are huge olive lovers, BUT one stand had sample of these pesto olives and they changed our lives forever(or just our opinions of olives).

 Seriously delicious pesto olives
These Peppers were spicy and stuffed with cheese. Spicy and cheese, two of my favorite things!!
The best part about the market is that they have samples of almost everything. That is how we ended up with the peppers. One bite and Brent was instructed that "we need these."

 We decided after we bought the olives we needed some cheese to go along with them.  And of course we had to sample all the cheeses they had out before we decided on one. All of the cheeses are always displayed on these olive wood trays. Brent now insists we need an olive wood tray.  This is the same man who every time we got another serving tray as a gift from showers etc. made a sarcastic comment about the quantity of serving dishes and trays we had. :)

 Below are all of our market purchases assembled for our late lunch.  I am not posting the after pictures because it is slightly embarrassing how we demolished the food.  We also got a new macro lens for our camera so it gave me an opportunity to play around with it.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the first of my weekly favorite things post!
Hope everyone has a great Monday!

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