Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Favorite Things Week 1

 I decided that once a week I am going to devote a blog post to a favorite thing of mine since we have moved.  These things may be favorites about Utrecht, about Holland or Europe in general. You will have to check back weekly to see what new favorite thing I have discovered.  This weeks favorite is an old Dutch treat, the Stroopwafel.  What is a stroopwafel you are probably asking.  Well let me preface by saying it is delicious!! It is a very thin waffle that is cut in half. Then as you can see in the picture below it is spread with a caramel like syrup. I describe the filling to Brent as liquid heaven, it gives him a good laugh.

 Spreading the warm caramel
 Getting my money ready.  Best part about them, they are only 1 euro.  I always have at least one euro with all that change in my wallet!

Digging in! I do always share with Brent, even though every part of me wants to devour the whole thing my self. 
The fresh ones are only available on the weekends but many stores sell pre-made packaged ones.  Anyone who comes to visit will definitely get to experience a stroopwafel(or two :))!!