Saturday, April 7, 2012

Getting to Know you

While typing out the title of the post, in my head I was singing that very song from the King and I :). My older sister Missy and I were in that play together when we were kids. Aah good times!

Anyways, on the getting to know you theme, yesterday Brent and I went to another Internations event.(Internations is a online forum for expats to meet one another and once a month they have meet ups)  Some of you may remember that when we visited Utrecht in November we attended the first meet up they had here, and were not super impressed. Well last night was much better.  There were all different people than the first time with a good mix of different nationalities.  There were two other Americans there, and guess what? Both of them are from Minnesota! To  make things even crazier, one of them was in the same dorm as I was freshmen year of college and lived directly below me- such a small world!  We also met quite a few people who live in the same neighborhood as us. It ended up being a fun night and both of us were glad that we went.

Today we are off to the market - look for a post to come all about it!

Have a good weekend!

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