Thursday, April 5, 2012

We're Here...and almost settled!

Brent and I are in our new home!!  I arrived in Utrecht on Wednesday the 28th and thankfully we moved into our new apartment the following day.  I was really happy that I only had to spend one night in a hotel.  Brent on the other hand had to spend 10 nights there.  Needless to say he was ready to be settled in a place. The place came fully furnished, thankfully. We would not have had to bring a single thing in, but of course I wanted some of the things to be our own(sheets, towels etc.).  Today our boxes of all the items I had shipped got here, so it will really start to feel like home. So instead of me going on about the place I will just show you (excuse the lighting on the pics, the place really does let a lot of light in)

 Our living room
 My handsome husband hard at work
 Living and Dining area from Kitchen
Our bedroom

We have a second bedroom/office but right now it is filled with our luggage and boxes.  We have 2 bathrooms(strangely enough 1 is just a toilet by the front door...who knows why).  Brent found this place the week he was here by himself and thought I would like it.  He was right! There were quite a few fake floral arrangements that the landlord had decorated with, Brent had made sure to put them in the storage area :) 
So now I am off to try and unpack some more boxes and suit cases!! Wish me luck!

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