Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Clumsy much

There is not a lot new to report today.  Unfortunately, I don't even have pictures to distract from this post. But I have a good reason.  Let me preface it by saying the stairs in our house are very steep, I am sure you all know where this story is going.  In an attempt to go down our stairs quietly(our neighbor has complained about us using our stairs...seriously) I slipped and tumbled down all of the stairs.  Thankfully, I was alone in the house when it happened, although I am telling all of you now so I guess it is just as embarrassing.  Anyways, I sprained my ankle, along with some other minor injuries that of course are bruising beautifully.  So I have spent my day today with my ankle elevated above my head and on and off icing.  Living in a city where your legs are the main mode of transportation is not a good thing when you injure one of them.  But I am on the mend and feeling better.  So I hope you got a good visual of me somersaulting down some stairs :)

I promise my next post will be more interesting with lots of pictures!

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