Thursday, May 24, 2012

Deutschland part 1

The day after Katie and I got back from Luxembourg we left for Germany with Brent and Ross.  The boys had a work meeting in Stuttgart, Germany and we decided to tag a long and make a trip out of it.  The first day we spent the day in Remshalden- a small city outside of Stuttgart.  It is a very small city with a lot of German charm.

Seriously, how cute is that!

 The town was pretty small so we walked around for awhile up all the hills before dinner. 

Brent of course found a bakery for a pre dinner strudel.

 Very old fountain

 I like to take pictures of all the different beer that I have in every country I go to.  Then I can remember the names if I like them or not.  This one was very tasty

 Ross and Katie at dinner

Brent and I at dinner.  We had the best German food at this restaurant, I guess to everyone there though it is just food :).  I had a turkey schnitzel of some sort.  It was unbelievable!!  The turkey was pounded very thin and had an amazing sauce on it.  I would go back to this tiny town just to have that meal again.  The owner of the restaurant brought over some samples of local schnapps.  They were not nearly as sugary(is that even a word) as the schnapps in the U.S, but man were they strong!

Vineyards that went on for ever

In the vineyard

The next day we headed to Heidelberg, but I have another whole post about that city!


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