Sunday, May 6, 2012


The day of the queen- contrary to what my dad told Brent, this wasn't an entire day devoted to me :)  Monday was Queensday in the Netherlands.  It is the day where the country celebrates the queens birthday. (well, technically it is her moms birthday, since the current Queens is in January and she didn't want to rock the boat by changing the party).  It is a huge celebration, a huge orange celebration. Orange is one of Holland's colors so everyone is clothed in some sort of orange.

 The night before is called Queens night and Utrecht is known as the "headquarters" for Queens night.  Brent, David(his coworker) and myself all headed out on Sunday night to see what all the fuss was about.  It was so much fun.  Every square in the city center had live music, beer gardens and food. 
Drinking outside the very church tower that we climbed earlier in the day.  

Live music outside the church

Queensday- All the streets were packed.  It is the one day that you don't need a permit to sell stuff on the streets. 

 Sporting our orange

Beautiful day. 
Nothing like a 3 year old helping pour the beer from the tap.  

Hope everyone has had a good week! I will try and be better about the blogging this week. 

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